Does Signing a Waiver in Casper, WY Absolve Juno of Liability with Regards to Their Clinical Drug Trial?

A clinical trial for an aggressive cancer treatment has raised questions about the liability for companies managing these test treatments...Learn More

What Family Members of Lost Loved Ones in Casper, WY Should Know About Juno’s Liability in Recent Clinical Trial

Patients who participated in a recent clinical trial for an aggressive cancer treatment may have suffered fatal injuries as a result. This can present numerous concerns and questions for family members whose lives will never be the same...Learn More

Was Juno Transparent with the FDA Regarding their Clinical Drug Trial in Casper, WY?

Many patients who suffer from a broad range of illnesses and medical conditions may explore multiple avenues for treatment without success. ..Learn More

Leukemia Patients Injured or Killed in Clinical Trial May Lead to Lawsuits

When coping with a serious illness, and in particular cancer, most patients and their family members in Casper, WY will explore all possible options for treatment. ..Learn More

5 Steps to Take if You’ve Been Injured in a Clinical Drug Trial

If you believe that you or someone you know has recently been injured in a clinical drug or treatment trial, you may be able to pursue legal recourse by consulting with an attorney. ..Learn More

Cancer Therapy Clinical Trial by Juno Therapeutics Leads to Deaths, Injuries for Patients

Juno Therapeutics began making headlines in mid-2016 in Casper, WY after three patients died in the midst of a trial for the company’s leading cancer therapy. ..Learn More

Is the FDA Also Responsible in Juno's Failed Clinical Drug Trial?

When a clinical trial happens in Casper, WY, usually the company putting forth the opportunity for patients to take part in a new treatment comes with its own set of risks. ..Learn More

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